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Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine, or meth for short, has grown into one of the leading addictions today. Meth has become one of the most profitable illicit drugs on the market especially with the high number of "meth labs" throughout the United States. Methamphetamine stimulates the central nervous system and produces a feeling of well being that can last from four to eight hours, but is followed by irritability and depression which can lead to delusional, psychosis, and possibly violent outbreaks. Long term use of methamphetamine can lead to psychological and physical tolerance, that means the user must increase his or her use of the drug and how frequently it is used to achieve the effects. All of the typical signs of addiction are associated with methamphetamine use and abuse, and the actual addiction can begin within only seven to ten days, depending on dosages.

Effects of methamphetamine are decreased fatigue and appetite, euphoria, sweating, increased mental and physical activity, and unusually fast talking about minor details or observations that normally would not be considered important to the meth user.

Methamphetamine addiction causes major paranoia and other bizarre behavior. Feelings of isolation can be experienced by the users' loved ones. Other indicators that someone is using methamphetamine is rapid speech with no content or ability to form conversation, failure to meet responsibilities at school, work, or home, hallucinations and mood swings, and changes in sleep and appetite.

Meth addiction can be found in people of all ages. After long-term meth abuse, the brain may undergo changes that damage memory and coordination, along with a higher chance of heart problems and stroke. This addiction is life threatening and professional help is the only way out.

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