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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is a hemp-derived plant and its scientific name is Cannabis. THC is a natural compound element in the plant that is responsible for marijuana's hallucinogenic properties. The marijuana plant consists of a strong fiber that can withstand varying weather severities. Hemp has a long history of beneficial uses particularly in manufacturing cloth and rope. The THC content is found in plant buds, flowers, and leaves.

Marijuana was considered to be somewhat acceptable for many years and even found its way into marijuana parlors. There were hundreds of marijuana parlors in New York City in later 1800's and early 1900's Intel the United States Congress approved the Harrison Narcotics Act, which made the drug illegal. There is a popular belief that marijuana is not addicting. However, alcohol and drug rehabilitation professionals say that the psychological addiction is so intense that chronic users or abusers will experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they quit using marijuana. Marijuana found an enormous popularity in the psychedelic world of the sixties and since then has proved to be the drug of choice for many Americans. Marijuana has gained a reputation of being the gateway drug by leading young users to cocaine, crack, heroin or methamphetamine. Today's marijuana is at least ten times more powerful than what was available in previous decades.

Small doses of the drug produce a feeling of well-being and a relaxed, dreamy state. Since it lowers one's blood sugar, its use can provoke an increased appetite. Slight differences in thought processes and the ability to express thoughts are common while high on marijuana. Higher doses of marijuana can lead to possible hallucinations, image distortion, and sometimes the feeling of loss of personal identity. Because the plant is cultivated to produce stronger THC, more and more people seek drug treatment for marijuana addiction.

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