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Because successful outcomes are often dependent on a full length treatment program, it is important that the addicted person stays in a program to receive the full benefits of treatment. Whether an addict stays in drug addiction treatment or not depends on factors connected to both the drug rehab program and the individual. Other aspects related to drug treatment participation including a desire to change drug-using behavior, level of family’s and friends’ support, and whether there is legal pressure to stay in drug rehab. Successful counselors can establish a positive and therapeutic relationship with the patient. The drug addiction treatment counselor must see that a treatment plan is established and followed so his or her patient will know what to expect during drug rehabilitation. Medical, psychiatric, and social services should also be available.

Certain situations such as serious mental illness, criminal activity, or severe cocaine or crack use increase the chances of a patient dropping out. Therefore intensive drug treatment components might be required in keeping patients who have these problems. Drug treatment centers should ensure a transition to continuing care or “aftercare drug rehab” after the patient is done with a formal drug and/or alcohol rehab.


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