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Drug rehabilitation starts with the process of detoxification and withdrawal. This process lowers amounts of hazardous chemicals in the drug addict’s blood stream. Several drugs are physically addictive, and withdrawal effects can be potentially fatal if no medical detoxification is used. Physically addictive drugs such as alcohol, heroin, benzodiazapam tranquilizers, barbiturates, methadone, and prescription pain medicines like OxyContin, Hydrocodone, and Vicodin require detoxification. Drug detoxification is a process where a doctor administers an appropriate medication schedule, depending on what drug is abused. Detoxification requires care from qualified medical staff. Medical drug detoxification is a safer method that lets the patient withdraw from drugs or alcohol in a medically monitored environment.

Common drug detox methods and medications that can reduce the painful symptoms of withdrawal include Clonidine, Librium, Buprenopine (Buprenex, Subutex, Suboxone), methadone, or Rapid Opiate Detox. One must take note that going through a drug detox center without entering into drug treatment program or rehabilitation after might not be beneficial. In most cases, drug addicts who do not receive the following drug rehabilitation usually perform as well as individuals who never sought the initial treatment.

Most medical detoxification procedures last from one to two weeks. Drug detox programs can be either within drug rehab centers, or at a different location. After the detox period, the addicted individual should immediately begin a drug treatment program.

Addictions to cocaine, crack (methamphetamine, speed, crystal meth, crank, ice), do not require a drug detox program because they do not cause the severe physical withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine, crack, and meth withdrawals cause severe depression, anxiety, and irritability. These effects are best treated in a withdrawal program with special vitamins, minerals, and natural supplement that lower drug cravings and cleanse the body of toxins. Withdrawals from these drugs are not usually life threatening, but they are still very addictive and will require intensive drug addiction treatment if one has an addiction.

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