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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that comes from the coca plant of South and Central America. Physically cocaine is a fine white powder whose intent is to be absorbed into mucous tissues of the body. Cocaine can be snorted, smoked, orally ingested and injected. Chemically it passes through the brain and builds up high levels of dopamine which imitate nerve cells and elicit euphoria.

Cocaine is not a recreational drug. Once users begin to use cocaine, they have an enormous potential of becoming addicted. Few people have the will power to withhold cocaine use, once they begin experimenting with the dangerous drug. When cocaine is cooked with baking soda, it produces the freebased form also know as rock/cocaine or crack/cocaine. It is a hard rocklike substance that is smoked out of glass pipes at high temperatures. The resulting fumes are inhaled by the smoker. Crack is one of the most addicting drugs today. It destroys families, futures, and finances. Tolerance and increased usage are endless struggles.

Cocaine's short term effects include restlessness, euphoria, increased pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, and a decreased appetite. Large doses of cocaine provide paranoid feelings, dizziness, Hallucinations and extreme anxiety are other negative effects. Once a person stops using cocaine, he or she may experience severe depression and sleep disorders. This is when the desire to use cocaine again comes into action.

During addictive episodes, a person will violate their ethical and moral codes and perform uncharacteristic actions as a means to continue their drug use. Lying and manipulation is not an uncommon thing in addictive episodes, in addition to stealing from loved ones. As the addiction continues, cocaine addicts eventually violate laws and wind up in jail or prison.

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