Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is the addiction to ethanol alcohol which is found in liquor, beer, and wine. In our society, it is difficult when to decide that alcohol is a problem because it is an acceptable and legal intoxicant in our society. In certain cases, alcoholism is not considered to be a problem until a drinker receives a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), and is then forced to look closely at his or her relationship or dependence on the drug. When an individual uses an illicit drug, there are many risky problems involved, since their potential legal problems and arrests.

Alcoholics Anonymous or AA has been the traditional treatment program for alcoholics. Before AA existed, alcoholics were viewed as sufferers of mental health problems and received professional help from psychiatrists. In fact, the philosophy behind AA was to provide another option besides psychiatric help for alcoholics.

The founders of AA termed alcoholism as a disease due to the major moral stigma attached to out-of-control drinking. It is considered important to give the alcoholic a chance to improve him or herself without any negative impact from society. This was the reason why classifying alcoholism as a disease was a functional idea. Regardless, AA has had considerable success helping alcoholics stay sober when they adhere to the 12 step program.

Supporters of opposing views believe that it is not a chronic and progressive disease and thus, associating alcoholism with disease could be harmful to successful treatment.
Moreover, relapsing alcoholics might blame their poor success rate on the "disease's" overwhelming power. Therefore, these proponents consider it more successful to lay all the responsibility of use and non use to the individual alcoholic. Such alcohol treatment methods stand by the idea that the individual is responsible for all of the factors in his or her life and that he or she can control their own destiny including the urge to get drunk.

If you are wondering whether you or a loved one is dealing with an alcohol problem, there is a good chance this problem exists. However, it is essential that an alcohol and drug treatment professional use the Addiction Severity Index or another form of assessment to determine the level of addiction and which treatment would be the most beneficial.


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